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What Punters Need To Know About NHL Betting Trends

Placing money for betting has evolved beyond sports events or tournaments the past few years. The imagination of bettors has grown to non-sports events that generated huge interest for their market to place money on, and sportsbooks simply took advantage that it has established a strong market separate from the traditional sports tournaments.

Published on 06 May 2022

The most interesting and crucial part of the NHL 2022-2023 season is underway as the best teams are ready to fight for the Stanley Cup.

Can Tampa Bay win their third title in a row? Can Alex Ovechkin win the Cup for the second time and secure second place in All-time goalscorers, beating Gordie Howe?

The Stanley Cup playoffs are always the best times among hockey bettors. More people from around the world watch these amazing matches, especially the Stanley Cup Final.


If we go to statistics, we can see that the home teams win 53.4% times, while away teams win at 46.6% times.

The margin between the favorites and the underdogs is huge (65% to 34%). According to these stats, it’s almost true that the favorite team will win the game.

This also goes with away favorites and away underdogs (64.9% to 35%) and on home favorites and home “‘dogs” (65.0% to 35%).


The Over/Under totals in the NHL are the estimated total number of goals scored by both teams in a game. You can bet on whether the final score will go under or over that expected tally.

The stats for all games are 663 Overs (53.0%) and 587 Unders (47.0%). Non-overtime games had 522 Overs (54.1%) and 443 Unders (45.9%). Overtime games stats are: 141 Overs (49.5%) and 144 Unders (50.5%).

The margins are super low for the Over/Under trends. You can decide on how to bet on matchups, injuries, live movements, referees, and trends.

There are more ways to bet in the NHL. For example, parlays, the 60-minute line, Live betting, prop bets, futures, and many more. You can use these strategies to choose how to bet on NHL games, matchups, injuries, live movements, referees, and noticeable trends. Make sure you cover all these tips, as you can be 100% positive on your NHL betting.


It is essential that home teams have an advantage for the seventh game in the playoffs, more so in the Stanley Cup final.

In 2016, the home teams won 15 of 27 matches.

Also, the perfect bet on Game 7s is the low amount of penalty time. This is the most profitable bet in the NHL play-offs since 2005.

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