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What is an Exacta Bet in Sports Betting?

A bettor who places his money on the first two positions in a race, particularly in horse racing, is someone who's taking on an Exacta Bet.

Published on 26 May 2022

Placing your money on multiple bets in an event is not unusual in sports betting. But bettors should fully understand the intricacies of such a category before taking a chance to boost their own bankroll

A bettor who places his money on the first two positions in a race, particularly in horse racing, is someone who’s taking on an Exacta Bet. Also known as an Exactor or a Perfecta bet, a punter can win if they back on the horses they wagered to finish first and second, in that exact order.

Let this blog provide non-horse racing bettors and new punters with a guide to explore an intriguing way to place their money on their favorite jocks and to learn what’s an exacta in horse racing. Punters should also plot a strategy that works to add funds to their bankroll and sustain a long-term sports betting experience.

What is Exacta Bet? The Meaning of Exacta

A bettor who places an exacta bet, also known as a perfecta bet or an exactor bet, selects two horses he predicts will finish first and second, respectively. Exacta betting differs from the more common quinella bets in that they ask you to predict the exact order in which the top two horses will finish. It is a wager in which the winner and runner-up must both be correctly predicted.

What are the Types of Exacta Bets?

An exacta bet, like the quinella bet, is not a flat proposition; you can learn how to bet in different methods., each with its own level of risk. The followings are the three most common kinds of exacta bets, along with the specifics for placing each.

Exacta Box

Exacta boxes allow greater adaptability than the more high-risk straight exacta bet. You can choose many horses you think will place first or second in these wagers. Put down $2 if you think a certain combination will win. Let’s say you’re confident that numbers 5 and 8 will do well in the race. To wager $4, you would make two separate $2 wagers on the numbers 5-8 and 8-5.

Exacta Wheel

Bettors who want to place an exacta wheel wager must select a minimum of one horse they believe has a good chance of winning. With this horse as the unifying factor, you can place multiple wagers on various winning horse combinations.

Straight Exacta

The given definition perfectly describes a straight exacta. You’ll need to choose two horses and the order in which you think they’ll finish. To succeed, you need to be correct. You will lose the bet regardless of the outcome if the order is incorrect.

No Shortcuts To Winning An Exacta Bet

Unlike the lottery, where a bettor can win the jackpot with six correct numbers regardless of their arrangement, the exacta bet horse racing can only be won if their horses finish in the top two in that exact order. No payouts will happen if the exact arrangement doesn’t happen.

Other bettors resort to placing multiple bets where they bet one horse to win (finish first) with others to finish in second, then reverse it for that horse to finish second. This is only an effective strategy if the punter is positive that a particular horse will come in first or second.

It is also very likely that an Exacta bet will result in numerous unsuccessful bets while employing a good strategy does not guarantee a win for your bankroll. Winning an Exacta bet also requires a huge amount of luck and timing to succeed.

Low Minimal Stakes, Hig Runners In Exacta Bets

Among the advantages of taking on an Exacta Bet is that it is ideal with a high number of runners, while these bets have the lowest minimal stakes.
The odds for this kind of bets are often high, making the payout potentially huge. Bettors only need to be successful at certain times to return a profit.
When a bettor sees the odds listed for horses in a race, these are usually the win odds. If a horse, for example, is listed at 4 to 1, it means a bettor will win $4 for everyone that he or she bets if they bet that horse to win. The odds on Exacta bets are entirely independent of those listed win odds.

Place With Caution

Like any other kind of bet, placing money on an Exacta bet also comes with risk and caution.

Bettors who predict the precise outcome of a horse race also come with a great deal of difficulty, so you have to be smart while researching your favorite horses.

It is also very likely that an Exacta bet will result in numerous unsuccessful bets while employing a good strategy does not guarantee a win for your bankroll. Winning also requires great luck and timing to succeed.

Check Out Several Exacta Betting Systems

There are betting systems punters can choose from to boost their chances of winning. The Exacta Wheel bet involves picking sets of horses to finish either in first or second place. With this strategy, punters can increase their bets’ chances since they can pick multiple horses to finish in each position through this bet․

On the other hand, an Exacta Box bet allows for multiple bets to be placed on a single bet slip. You can add a third horse to your bet slip under this strategy, but this will drive up the price of your original bet.

Tote Exacta betting allows bettors to place multiple bets within one overall bet. If you are placing a boxed exacta on five horses, for example, this will actually consist of 120 different bets. In your bet slip, however, this will be covered in one overall bet.

A Reverse Exacta bet means that a bettor will be placing money on who will finish in the first two places in a horse race. But unlike in a straight Exacta bet, the horse you backed does not need to finish in exact order. This means that a Reverse exacta bet consists of two selections and two bets. For example, 1 pound reverse stake would come to a total of 2 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I win an exacta bet?

You can pick one horse to win and any number of runners to finish second. If your Banker comes in first and one of your other choices comes in second, you win the bet.

  • How much is a $2 exacta box?

A $2 exacta box 1,2 bet will set you back $4 when played with two combinations.

  • Is Exacta a good bet?

Yes. On races where a clear favorite makes win betting a bad value proposition, exacta wagering provides an alternative way to benefit.

  • What is a $2 exacta?

A $2 exacta means selecting one horse to win in each race and having the remaining horses finish in the money.

  • How much is a 5-horse exacta box?

A 5-horse exacta box costs $20.00.

  • How much is a $10 trifecta box?

A $10 trifecta box cost $720.00.

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