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What is a system 2/3 betting, and how does it work?

All you need to know about 2/3 betting system, a unique strategy that holds the key to success in sports betting

Published on 27 Jun 2023

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A successful approach is essential in the fast-paced and thrilling world of sports betting, where fortunes are won and lost on the outcome of a game. The 2/3 Sports Betting System stands out among the many methodologies that have arisen because of its promising results. This novel approach has become increasingly well-liked among gamblers because of how easy it is to use and how well it works to maximize profits. Understanding this strategy’s workings and guiding ideas will provide you invaluable knowledge on choosing wisely when placing bets, controlling your bankroll, and raising your success rate. To learn how the 2/3 Sports Betting System can assist you in navigating the unpredictable world of sports betting, let’s take a closer look at this fascinating system.

What is a 2/3 betting system?

A System 2/3 bet is a multiple sports betting wager consisting of three choices and three bets. This form of wager is called a “full cover bet” since it covers all double and triple permutations created from the three choices. Let’s dissect it to see how it functions.

How does the system bet 2/3 work?

  • With a System 2/3 bet, you select three outcomes or events that you want to bet on. For example, you’re betting on three football matches: Match A, B, and C.
  • In a System 2/3 bet, you place three individual bets:

Bet 1: This is a single bet on your first selection (Match A).

Bet 2: This is a double bet on your first two selections (Match A and B).

Bet 3: This is a treble bet on all three selections (Match A, Match B, and Match C).

  • The key feature of a System 2/3 bet is that it covers all possible combinations of doubles and trebles within your three selections. You effectively have three bets in total, covering three different scenarios.
  • If your selections win, you win all three bets (Bet 1, Bet 2, and Bet 3).
  • If two of your selections win, you win two of the three bets (Bet 1, Bet 2, or Bet 2 and Bet 3).
  • If only one selection wins, you win one of the three bets (either Bet 1, Bet 2, or Bet 3).
  • If none of your selections win, you lose all three bets.

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Pros and cons of the 2/3 system bet


  • Higher chance of winning: With the 2/3 system bet, you can win on two out of three bets. This increases your overall probability of winning compared to a single bet.
  • Reduced risk: Since you are placing three equal-sized bets, even if one of the bets loses, you still have the opportunity to make a profit if the other two bets win. This helps to mitigate losses and reduces the overall risk.
  • Potential for increased profits: If all three bets in the 2/3 system bet win, you stand to make a significant profit. The combined odds of the three events can result in higher payouts than individual bets.
  • Flexibility in selection: The 2/3 system bet allows you to choose three different events or outcomes, giving you more flexibility and variety in your betting strategy.


  • Higher stake requirement: Since the 2/3 system bet involves placing three equal-sized bets, it requires a larger initial stake than a single bet. This can be a disadvantage if you have a limited betting budget.
  • Lower overall odds: While the 2/3 system bet increases your chances of winning, the overall odds for the combined events are lower than individual bets. This means the potential payouts may be smaller than a single high-odds bet.
  • More complex strategy: The 2/3 system bet requires careful selection of three events and a strategic approach to betting. Analyzing multiple events and making informed decisions may be more challenging than a single bet.
  • Limited room for error: While the 2/3 system bet reduces the risk by allowing one of the three bets to lose, it also means that you need at least two of the three bets to win to make a profit. If two bets lose, you will experience a net loss despite winning on one bet.

The double-win strategy

The Double Win Strategy is simply building on the 2/3 betting system’s base. It is a process of taking advantage of winning streaks in the 2/3 betting system and aiming for two consecutive victories. It involves doubling the stake and placing a second wager after the first win.

A successful second bet means you’ve already won twice and can either pay out or keep going forward for more winnings. It’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy for bettors who want to max out their outcome.

2/3 Betting Systems in sports is a strategy that offers potential advantages for some bettors. However, its effectiveness ultimately relies on various factors, including the bettor’s skills, knowledge, and the inherent uncertainties in sports outcomes. It is essential to approach sports betting cautiously, using the 2/3 system or any other strategy to assist in decision-making rather than a guaranteed pathway to success. For more sports betting tips, make sure to follow FBR.

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