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Reasons To Bet On Eastbridge

For this week of Carousel, we present to you Eastbridge. Boasting one of the best brokering services amongst the competition, Eastbridge lives up to its reputation.

Published on 22 Feb 2022

Eastbridge takes pride as a sports betting brokerage service that offers users the best connections to several sportsbooks globally. The company has established itself as “an experienced and trusted” platform that works with the best “betting professionals, quaints, syndicates and bookmakers around the world.”Check out the several factors why new bettors should bet on Eastbridge and assure them that the benefits provided by the sports betting brokerage will assure them an enjoyable sports-betting experience.*Flexible, unrestricted connection to betting markets: Bettors at all levels can get access to high-liquidity Asian Handicap betting markets through Eastbridge’s competitive prices. The broker’s services go beyond soccer, as Eastbridge also focuses on football, basketball, and baseball.*Multiple payment options: Eastbridge allows users to fund their accounts with several payment methods ranging from Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, and bank wire, among others. Users’ money is assured as Eastbridge guarantees 100% safety of their funds through the broker’s bank accounts.*VOdds connection guaranteed: Bettors who like to place their money on football matches should feel much better to know that Eastbridge provides the best direct access to VOdds, which is the broker’s innovative football betting platform. Users can avail VOdds’ user-friendly and most advanced single-wallet system. *Direct links to Asian sportsbooks: Trust Eastbridge to provide European and US bettors of getting direct accounts to only the major and best Asian bookmakers from SINGBET, MAXBET (formerly IBC), SBOBET, ISN, and PINNACLE, among others.*Convenient, hassle-free fund transfers and payments: The advantage of having a betting brokerage, also known as bet brokers, is that it primarily works as a middleman between a bettor and a bookmaker in placing bets. Through Eastridge, punters get the convenience of easy payments and transfer of funds from one sportsbook to another or access to monitoring multiple betting accounts through their broker.

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