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2023 NHL Entry Draft: Top prospects and preview

The road to the NHL: an overview of the 2023 entry draft's elite prospects

Published on 26 Jun 2023

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It’s that time of year again when the National Hockey League will welcome a group of fresh faces. Yes, it’s another incoming NHL Entry Draft, a significant occasion in professional ice hockey where clubs can select the most promising young players who could influence their organizations’ futures. As the 2023 NHL Entry Draft draws near, excitement builds as scouts, general managers, and hockey fans excitedly anticipate the introduction of the sport’s next superstars. In this article, we examine the players who have drawn interest with their talent, potential, and standout performances in junior hockey leagues worldwide. These are the top prospects on the 2023 NHL Entry Draft watchlist.

When and where is the NHL Entry Draft 2023

First Day: Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Time: 19:00 E.T

Second Day: Thursday, June 29, 2023

Time: 11:00 E.T

Venue: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee.

Livestream: ESPN+, NHL Network, TVA Sports

Top ten 2023 NHL Draft order by teams

  1. Chicago Blackhawks
  2. Anaheim Ducks
  3. Columbus Blue Jackets
  4. San Jose Sharks
  5. Montreal Canadiens
  6. Arizona Coyotes
  7. Philadelphia Flyers
  8. Washington Capitals
  9. Detroit Red Wings
  10. St. Louis Bluessee.

Top five players in the 2023 NHL Draft prospects

From the list of sixteen players that scouting has made us believe will be drafted on the first day of the draft, here are the top five players tipped to find massive success in the league.

  • Connor Bedard

Center Conor Bedard is one of the most talented prospects in the 2023 NHL draft class. The Canadian youngster, only 17 years old, has made significant waves even before entering the league. With 143 points in 57 games, he finished the 2022–23 Western Hockey League season in a commanding lead. He also led the league in goals with 71. He is a top playmaker and goal-scorer who is also unafraid to participate in the game’s physical aspects.

  • Adam Fantilli

For clubs who missed out on Bedard, the 18-year-old Canadian athlete Adam Fantilli is a straight replacement. Because of Fantilli’s incredible strength for his age, scouts are certain that he will have no trouble adjusting to the rigors of the NHL. He combines a strong shot power with brilliant passing and his proficiency in carrying the puck. Overall he shows excellent versatility with the puck. With 65 points in 36 games, the Michigan freshman had one of the best seasons in NCAA hockey history.

  • Matvei Michkov

The top winger in this draft class is the Russian Matvei Michkov. Michkov, a top-tier playmaker representing SKA St. Petersburg in the Kontinental Hockey League, pierces the middle lanes and connects with teammates in scoring zones. The Russian winger is the finest puck handler in the draft. His body framework allows him to easily weave around defenders even when he appears in a tight spot. He’s an unbelievable gem of a pick for teams needing a wing.

  • Leo Carlsson

Another outstanding Center in this draft class is Leo Carlsson. The professional ice hockey center for the Swedish Hockey League team, Örebro HK, is primarily a playmaker in the offensive zone. He moves the puck as rapidly as he receives it when he’s at his best. He consequently frequently executes one-two passing plays to locate teammates in wide-open areas before the opposition adjusts. Although Carlsson has to work on his shooting, he makes up for it with his high hockey IQ and playmaking abilities.

  • William Smith

A Center appears on the list once more. It’s simple to understand Smith’s allure. One of the most talented puck movers in the draft, he is a walking highlight reel practically every time he enters the ice. His talent at elevating the ordinary, such as catching a pass on the breakaway or grabbing a puck near the wall, is truly amazing. He also just had a fantastic performance at the U18 Worlds, scoring nine goals and tallying 20 points in seven games to help the USA win the gold medal. The American can play first-line offensive because of his excellent release and smooth touch.

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2023 NHL Mock Draft projected top 5 picks

  • Chicago Blackhawks: Connor Bedard

The Blackhawks are fortunate to have the number-one pick and are undoubtedly going for Bedard. Bedard shoots exceptionally well and with great precision. He will always find a way to get the ball on the net and score, no matter where he is on the ice. He has NHL-caliber hands, quick feet, and an already NHL-ready IQ.

  • Anaheim Ducks: Adam Fantilli

With the second pick, the Ducks shouldn’t be disheartened by not getting Bedard since Adam Fantilli is equally gifted and energetic and can produce offensively consistently in the NHL. He shoots with a strong release, and his accuracy is comparable to Bedard’s. It’s a brilliant second pick for the Ducks.

  • Columbus Blue Jackets: Leo Carlsson

Carlsson might not bring the explosive offense that the previous two picks do, but he does bring a solid, consistent two-way game and excellent situational awareness. He is incredibly competitive in engagements across the ice and is excellent at spotting open lanes.

  • San Jose Sharks: Matvei Michkov

The Sharks are in the process of being rebuilt, which makes them the perfect team to draft Michkov. Michkov scores goals with exceptional talent. He moves very evasively and is difficult to contain in the offensive zone. He will be a quality addition to the Sharks.

  • Montreal Canadiens: William Smith

Smith moves very deceptively, has soft hands in confined places, and is adept at opening up the defense. The Canadiens will benefit significantly from his fast-paced play. His possible pairing with Nick Suzuki of the Canadiens will undoubtedly succeed.

NHL teams must make difficult choices as they move through the draft order. The future of professional hockey will be in the spotlight as fans excitedly await draft day and these young stars in the making. Follow FBR for more hockey news, previews, and predictions.

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