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How to Dodge a Bad Beat and Getting Sharp

There will be instances when bettors are all primed up for a win after placing their money on a certain team or player only to get heartbroken over some wild and unexpected things that happened at the last minute - or even the last second - of a match. This is what bettors call a Bad Beat.

Published on 12 Jan 2022

Before every game, things that mess up betting lines often occur occasionally. It could be in the form of injuries, substantial roster moves, or personnel changes, it doesn’t matter. All of it gravitates towards one thing, a change in betting lines. In light with this, bettors are given a chance to “middle” a point spread of a bet. But, what exactly is a middle, and how does it work? Middling or middle is one of only numerous betting strategies that bettors use to take advantage of an adverse situation. Simply put, a middle is when a bettor wagers on two opposing teams from the same bet after the line has moved. Middling usually means having a blanket that could minimize losses and maximize gains.Middle opportunities in a bet only arise after a line has moved following the placement of the original bet. For example, you bet on the Dolphins to win +7.5 against the Jaguars, However, an injury to their QB has moved the line down to +6.5. In line with this change, You can take the Jaguars to win and bet anew as the underdogs in a 3-point spread game. The payouts would differ, but it is almost always guaranteed to cover one bet. And in a situation where the Dolphins win by exactly 7 points, the bettor outright wins by hitting both bets. Is it profitable? Frankly, it all depends on the bettor and the sport itself. The bettor’s success through middling is often determined by the frequency or the number of times he uses the strategy. Though, just like betting, there is no clear sign that explicitly shows that the success in middling is parallel or inverse to its frequency of use. Moving sports betting lines doesn’t mean the end of the world because the cradle of keeping your losses to a minimum called middling exists. However, it doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t brag about their bet and just rely entirely on these kinds of betting strategies. In the long run, the research and the cerebral bettors would prove more beneficial and earn everyone more money than just by relying on strats.

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