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Football Markets: Soccer Prop Bets Explained

Soccer prop bet is a unique market to football betting. Know more about its types & get betting tips to start placing winning bets on them.

Published on 12 Jul 2022

So what are prop bets and why should you know about them?Simply put, the propositional market involves betting on anything and any event except the game’s final outcome.
These events vary depending on the sport and your betting site. But thanks to its uniqueness, you can expect high betting odds as well as big profit.Check out how this can be a perfect market for newbie bettors and high-rollers and get betting tips for propositional bets.

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Know Different Types of Soccer Prop Bets

To make things easier for you, here are the two broad categories for this market.

The first is Fun Prop Bets. As the name suggests, the events are based on random things that only require luck instead of thorough research. This is a good introduction for beginners to gain experience in how odds and bookmakers work.

On the other hand, Skill Prop Bets consider the team or player’s skill and chances in performing specific tasks and in-game special bets.

On the other hand, Skill Prop Bets consider the team or player’s skill and chances in performing specific tasks and in-game special bets.

Here are the few popular football prop bets:

  • Which player will score the first / last / most goals?
  • Will (specific player) score a hat-trick / free-kick / header?
  • First team to score
  • Anytime Goalscorer
  • Goals in both halves

Make Sure Your Prop Bets Are Good Bets

We recommend not betting long on Fun Prop Bets. These are mainly based on chances making your bet highly predictable. And you don’t have reliable statistics that consistently monitor these events to use before betting.

That’s why the best prop bets are Skill Prop Bets. Because you can use historical data and statistics, you can increase your chances of making the correct predictions.

Choose Right Bookies, Lower Risk of Losing

There is no 100% way to bet without losing. But using the right bookmakers will give you the surest way to not lose a winning bet.

It is just a matter of finding risk-free sportsbooks. This means not limiting your account and not voiding winning bets. Some of the well-known ones are Matchbook, PS3838, and Betfair.

Study Statistics To Place Winning Bets

Doing research has been a must-do for any betting market. And it’s no different with betting props. Plus its contribution to making sure you win has never been greater.

Let’s say you want to bet on which team will score first. Previous head-to-head data between the two teams are necessary. You can gather which team has the higher count for first goals and has the aggressive playstyleYou can also check the current player lineup to see which player is most likely to kick the first goal.

Try Live Betting To Monitor Game As It Progresses

Prop Bets are also available for live betting. The odds may be lower compared to pre-game odds, but this will give you more leverage.

This means you can assess the game live and compare your data to how the game unfolds.

You will be more confident to deduce who will score the most goals or if Lionel Messi will be “Man of the Match”.

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